Hello my dears!

The winter season just flew past and now I’m in the middle of training for my final exams with the Bavarian police. There are several really cool and interesting projects coming up in the next few weeks, so stay tuned in order not to miss anything! Looking back at this last season, I do feel very proud indeed. The bronze medal is the biggest trophy and most unique award for me. It is just an absolutely awesome and amazing experience to have participated in the Olympics. Many people have asked me about my goals since then, since I was able to reach one of my biggest ambitions this year. As I am still young, full of life and adventurous, I can tell you there are still severals things I am aiming for!
One of the points that makes me very happy is the fact, that the sport of snowboarding is growing and has received such a boost today. I have also noticed the very positive response over increasing TV times for our sport. This is wonderful news and I am not giving up hope that we will eventually really get the attention we all deserve and have earned.
I would also like to thank every single one of you for the many messages, motivational words and congrats you have sent. All of this gives me a great boost and I feel encouraged, cheerful and inspired to do more and better. Thank you for all of the emotion and positivity – they make me so proud!
See you all again soon, Ramona